1. thebrowntudung:

    Hijjaz in solidarity.

    Pray for Ghazzah


  2. Approximately ~11 hours to go, before I fly off home :) Happiness :)

    Feeling of accomplishment because I have:

    - Finished my project and handed in my thesis. Doing research is actually quite challenging and I had days when I wanted to throw down my pipettes and overturn the table of tiny bottles of DNA, but in the end, I guess things fell into place. I started understanding and even felt a bit excited with our little discovery (I think my SV was even more excited than I was…). I actually feel a bit sad that I’ll be leaving uni again.But I guess it’s always like this, when you get used to something, and suddenly, it’s over.
    - Became a tutor for another student. It feels nice, being able to help them as well.
    - Said goodbyes, thankyous and goodlucks to the people I worked with. Thanks Big Boss, thanks Small Boss, thanks partner, thanks student of mine. Everyone helped in one way or another. 
    - Managed to do my GNIB card today. I came at ~8-ish and already, the tickets were gone. Thankfully, they let me proceed ASAP due to my line of ahem work.
    - Packed half my things for the move

    I’ve already planned on what to eat, as soon as I land: NASI LEMAK! and roti canai and ayam goreng and a glass of teh tarik/iced tea/air bandung. Can’t blame me for this, as I have been eating nonsense these past couple of weeks. See you guys soon :)


  3. Peaceful.

    Watching the sea, watching the sky. 

    Savouring the moment.

    (Currently in the midst of finalizing my thesis)

    - 4/7 to go


  4. I just have to put this down as well. We went to Llanfair­pwllgwyn­gyllgo­gery­chwyrn­drobwll­llanty­silio­gogo­gochrailway station. I first read about it in my 1001 amazing facts book when I was 8 or 9. So, I was finally there, admiring the sign, twisting my tongue trying to pronounce the name. 

    St Mary’s Church in the Hollow of the White Hazel Near to the Rapid Whirlpool of Llantysilio of the Red Cave. 


    Betws-y-coed - small and quaint, the place where we had an 8-minute ride in a miniature train, trundling past rabbit holes and rabbits, miniature houses, and for some reason, a small clan of meerkats…


  5. And then there was the trip to Chester Zoo on a sunny week day. It almost felt like we had the whole place to ourselves. I went on a quest to find all the big cats and the one that really caught my eye was this jaguar, lazing languidly on the branch, winking at me (or the sun). A bigger and more majestic version of Kipi.

    Crossed out all the the places and animals we saw on the map. Macam budak2 je rasa. Jumping penguins!

    We discovered this sunken garden which was like a hidden treasure. At the nook of the land, down below was a small pond with a fountain. And flowers galore. Again, ‘The Secret Garden’ came to mind. I wouldn’t mind going again and discovering the other gardens and seeing all the creatures there.


  6. North Wales is amazing, enchanting, and awesome.

    We drove around the winding roads, past rivers, craggy mountains, fields of sheep, and ended up in the ruins of Dolbadarn Castle. Just before reaching the clearing where the castle stood, we had to climb through this hilly, forest+mossy+fern covered area. The sunlight dappled through the leaves above and bathed the woodland in this marvelous glow. Absolutely magical. Reminded me of Fern Gully, though I only ever watched the trailer all those years ago. Frodo and I (and the rest) had a great time climbing up the hill and the stone steps, looking over the the lake of Llyn Padarn and the mountains of Snowdonia yonder while munching on nachos. 

    The castle was built by Llwelyn the Great, Prince of Gwynedd.


  7. Hanami 2014

    Main reason for going: food :)

    Best part: pre school kids in kimono singing out of tune

    And then there were samurais, kendo fights, cosplayers, blooming flowers, taiko drums, and food stalls here and there. It wasn’t as big as last year I think, but I had a great time nonetheless. 


  8. I had the most amazing time in Galway this past bank holiday weekend. I haven’t been back for quite some time (nearly 3 years I think) and it was just a rush of emotions, going down the familiar streets again. We arrived right in the middle of the Galway Food Festival on a sunny Saturday morning. There was a looong line of people queuing for grilled fish and sea food. It was like a Disneyland line for the Space Mountain ride during peak season. There was a pizza-making class. I fell in love with the strawberries and cream fudge by Man of Aran. Strawberries and chocolate dip. 

    Things I love about Galway:

    - Friendly people everywhere. 
    - Everything is within walking distance
    - Charlie Byrnes and the helpful people there. The free book marks. The collection of books. Being surrounded by books of all kinds.
    - Salmon Bridge and the people fishing in Corrib River. Walking along Corrib River
    - The quadrangle where we had our lab sessions up the narrow staircase.
    - NUI Galway
    - Enjoying a whipped ice cream in the sun by the docks, feeding the swans crumbs
    - Feeling at home.

    I’ll probably go back before I leave for good. Maybe a road trip around the whole country. Should be amazing.

    PS. I got the glue with the cat from miniinthebox.com :) 


  9. Bits of happiness in:

    A stick of glue with a cat
    ?onigiri pen
    Melting slowly dark chocolate mousse
    My own sugar scrub concoction


  10. Wish


    The only reason why I upgraded: The Top Hat :D Now my Kipi/Jiji is looking dapper in a top hat