1. Bits of happiness in:

    A stick of glue with a cat
    ?onigiri pen
    Melting slowly dark chocolate mousse
    My own sugar scrub concoction


  2. Wish


    The only reason why I upgraded: The Top Hat :D Now my Kipi/Jiji is looking dapper in a top hat 


  3. The tree in the tiny park in front of my house. 

    The next hanami festival will be held on the 13th April. Hope I can make it and have another bite of those yummy takoyaki. Do a bit of painting. 

    Happy Friday :)


  4. Matcha flavoured ice cream, green tea, ice blended matcha, cakes. Love them.


  5. It’s spring in Ireland and I am grateful for the chance to live and experience this beautiful piece of nature.

    The plum blossom is certainly my favourite tree in the Bridge and I’ve been walking past it nearly every chance I get, just to see the day the delicate petals bloom. The day I took this picture, the sky was half blue, half cloudy with patches of spring rain ^_^

    Daffodils in Kilmainham, my quiet spot, away from the bustle of the city. I can never get used to places larger than Galway.


  6. ultralight-beast:

    Just got the news about the missing Malaysian plane from KL,Malaysia - Beijing,China was carrying passengers from 14 different nationalities. Pray for their safety!



  7. Letters, drawings, doodles and adorable gifts from home, making me grin from ear to ear.


  8. This is one of the most amazing places for books I’ve been to in a long time. The Waterstones Wool Exchange in Bradford. I spent most of my time just admiring the tall columns, the light streaming through the glass, and of course, rows of shelves and books :) Sometimes, I wish I’m a librarian or a bookshop owner. 


  9. I am not CUTE!

    See this ridiculously high mountain I’m climbing?

    Ergo Manly, not Cute.


  10. Unlikely duo sheltering from the rain.